My First Retreat


Byron Bay Stillness Project Retreat November 2016

I’d never been on a retreat before. I’d dreamed about it, put it on my vision board and said “one day”. Earlier this year I gifted myself and booked in to the November Stillness Project Byron Bay retreat and I feel amazing!

I am back in my body, conscious of choosing foods that align with fuelling my body for wellness and vitality. Previous to the retreat I was making choices with food that was not supportive for my body or overall health, I was stuck on the treadmill of life unable to break from the clutches of my own limiting beliefs, laziness and lack of motivation.

The retreat re-set me. Four days of stillness- well sort of. Lots of yoga and meditation, and some workshops with the inspiring Tom Cronin, beautiful vegan food prepared morning, lunch and evening by Veet’s Cuisine, which meant my laziness could run free… I didn’t have to think about what I was going to eat nor did I need to feel guilty for making less than great choices- there was no option!

I had the break I required to stop, contemplate and incorporate change

The retreat led by Tom and his colleague Fiorella Kis-Major encompassed a supportive atmosphere that allowed you to let go, immerse yourself in the uncomfortable and look at your belief systems, what was holding you back and where did you want to go from here. The process was life-changing. Every person left a new and improved version of themselves.

I met gorgeous people– 23 in fact, that are all on a similar path to me, and that really made my soul sing! In my life there are very few people who understand me, but at this retreat there were lots. Every person had an inspiring story and all are on the path of self-discovery for living their soul purpose, just like me! It has inspired me to seek out more souls like this on the Sunshine Coast to create connections to ensure I stay connected to my purpose.

Since returning home, I have mostly maintained the momentum.

  • Meditation first thing is not negotiable- even my boyfriend is joining with me- previous to the retreat I used him as an excuse (without even consulting him). I told myself I couldn’t meditate first thing because I wanted to savour the few minutes in the morning with him before he left for work and he wouldn’t want to do it with me. SO NOT TRUE. Just another excuse SMASHED. He’s loving it! And I’m loving being able to share this time with him.
  • I’m conscious. It’s not like I was a walking zombie pre-retreat, but I was excuse making, lethargic and cloudy. My ego and mean girl were in control. The retreat has gifted me with tools to follow through and lean on at home.
  • I’m aware of my thoughts. Man, my limiting beliefs are rife! But now I’m prepared to recognise and let them go. I have a vision for how I want my life to be and there isn’t any stupid little thought going to get in my way.

What I learned is we make so many excuses every day for not showing up for ourselves

The little voice inside whispering for us to connect gets pushed away because we are too busy, too tired, too hungry, too broke, too whatever. We go through our day on auto-pilot doing just enough to get by. When really all it takes is sometimes just 1 minute a few times throughout the day to take a deep breath, close your eyes and ask,

“Spirit what would you like me to know/do now?”

Much love,

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For more information on the Stillness Project Retreats click here.

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