Choosing to Focus on the Good

There have been so many posts on social media the last few days about what a terrible year 2016 was and how 2017 is going to be THE year for new beginnings.

Numerology tells us yes, 2017 is the first year of a 9 year cycle & therefore we have the cosmos cheering us on to start fresh.

However this gripe about ‘the worst year ever’ is something I’ve read or heard almost every year at the end of the year for many years now!

“When you make a choice, you change your future.” Deepak Chopra

It’s had me pondering… Why do we remember and/or focus on the bad and not savour, celebrate & remember our highs, our achievements, our good times?

Without the yin there is no yang,

Without the light there is no shade,

Without the hard times we wouldn’t be pushed to try harder to succeed, to make things better, to be better, and to want more.

One of my favourite authors Paulo Coelho shared this story on Facebook today…

My wife and I were reflecting on the past year, whilst dining at a restaurant.

I started to complain about something that hadn’t happened the way I wanted it to.

My wife focused her attention on a Christmas tree that someone put there. I thought that she wasn’t interested in the conversation, so I changed the subject:

“This tree has a beautiful illumination”, I said.                              

“Yes, but if you look carefully you can see one burnt light among dozens. It seems to me that instead of thinking of this year as dozens of enlightened blessings, you chose to look at the one light that did not glow”.

How often we do that without realising…

Being on the rollercoaster of life and trusting the ebb & flow- the journey- isn’t always easy. Trust me I’ve been on that ride many times!

Over the years though I’ve collected a little group of tools I’ve put in my go-to box to help lift me back up.

When I’m going through a rough time or I’m in a bit of a rut one of the tools I go to is my Gratitude Journal. I like to keep a daily journal of 5-10 things I’m grateful for, & as woo woo as it sounds… it really does work!

Having a regular gratitude ritual is a scientifically proven method of enhancing a person’s wellbeing & frame of mind. Making the good things in our life our focus allows & attracts more of the good to enter our life.

No matter how small: clean running water, a bright sunny day, food to eat, rain to nourish & replenish nature, a stranger smiling at you in the street.

This great video by Kristina Kuzmic goes into this a little more….

I try to remind myself when I become aware that I’m slipping into a ‘poor me’ state that there is always someone going through worse than me.

In a world where we are constantly shown real life stories through the media, I am forever in awe of those who suffer hard, really have been dealt the rough card, & despite (or in spite of) foster a positive, inspiring attitude to life & go on to achieve incredible things.

We all have that potential… it’s just about choosing your mindset.

Much love,

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“Where the mind goes, the man follows.” Joyce Meyer

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