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I am so pleased to have you here. I am a Life Coach working with Men & Women to assist in releasing blocks that may be holding them back from creating and living the life they truly desire. It is my genuine belief that with support a person can overcome adversities and live their best life, the life we were born to live.

I myself have created, and recreated my life a number of times. I thrive on change, and challenges put a fire in my belly! I have found the courage when I thought I had nothing left to leave relationships that had no hope of improving, I have built businesses from scratch to success, and pulled myself out of times of deep depression and anxiety to live a life of more happiness and ease.

After a successful career spanning 17 years in the beauty industry including establishing my own business & becoming an award-winning educator, I ached for change. I loved the creative and social aspects of my career, but there was always a desire to expand into something more. In 2015 I sold my salon, and began a journey of self-discovery and self-development exploring who am I now, what is my purpose for being here, and basically just trying to be an all-round better human being.

In 2016 I began my Bachelor of Counselling at the University of the Sunshine Coast and in 2017 graduated from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy as a Life Coach.

I’ve always loved working with people and hearing their stories, and now having the tools to support others to find their light within and live the authentic lives they desire really lights me up.

For many years I have suffered with a rare, chronic, autoimmune, auto inflammatory disorder called Behcet’s disease and secretly lived with anxiety and depression- being prescribed anti-depressants after a breakdown that shook my world a few years ago.

Constant chronic exposure to toxic chemicals in my career, and a range of sensitivities has since led me seeking low toxin solutions for wellness for mind, body & soul, health, beauty & home care, and begun a journey of delving into wellness and natural therapies and the discovery of my love of essential oils.

It has been through building my network marketing business with döTERRA that I have found a beautiful community of like minded people to grow with and support each other on our wellness journeys. My business is comprised of 95% wholesale customers of whom I support and educate, and a small handful of people building their own business whom I lead and mentor.

I have discovered earning an income can be fun, but also the support of a residual income in times when I would not have been able to go to a day job is priceless. The network marketing model is one that offers endless opportunities other industries just do not and can not offer. If this has peaked your interest and you would like to learn more check out this page or contact me for an obligation free chat, we always have room for you in our team.

Along with my partner & our blended family we live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia- one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I genuinely appreciate you stopping by. I hope you enjoy my writing and I truly hope it inspires you to seek and create for yourself the life you desire. Please feel free to send me a message I love hearing from you.

If you would like to work with me via coaching or mentoring, or you are interested in learning more about how essential oils can be used to empower you to support your wellness and a low toxin lifestyle, please complete the contact form and I will be in touch with you soon.

Much love,

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