Transcript of IGTV video 3rd June, 2020

I’m not expecting I got this right… I’ve had so many emotions and thoughts hanging in my mind and body over the last few days. The best way I know how to release them is write it out. I had no intention of sharing what came from that. I had no intention of sharing myContinue reading “Transcript of IGTV video 3rd June, 2020”

How to Live Your Best Life While Healing From a Controlling Relationship

Finding your dream partner feels like it’s almost an impossible dream when you’re still healing from the aftermath of a controlling relationship. This is how I rose through it and met the love of my life.

Lessons I learned through my 30s

As 2019 was drawing to a close I began reflecting on the past decade and some of the lessons I had learned. The years from 2010 – 2019 saw me through my 30s. I shed my skin, so to speak, quite a few times and through those experiences I learned so many valuable lessons. SomeContinue reading “Lessons I learned through my 30s”

When Sharing Your Voice is Frightening

“Anyone that believes this type of rubbish must be a few beers short of a six pack, oh and yes “if the boot fits”.” This is part of a comment left on a post I shared yesterday on my personal Facebook page by a person I know. The comment didn’t upset me, nor did itContinue reading “When Sharing Your Voice is Frightening”

It takes courage to honour yourself first

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness. Brene Brown There is something incredibly expansive that follows making a decision to end something. You feel a flutter in your chest over your heartspace and in your gut. A knowing in your heart it was theContinue reading “It takes courage to honour yourself first”

Is it time to upgrade your automatic thinking?

Are you aware of how significantly your negative thoughts and words are affecting your life? When we keep saying the same thing repeatedly to ourselves (e.g. I’m broke, I’m tired, I’m overweight, I can’t afford that, I can’t do that, I can’t find a good relationship) we are sending a strong message to our subconsciousContinue reading “Is it time to upgrade your automatic thinking?”

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

When you have a goal in mind, when you want more for yourself, you make the decision to create change. There will always be a voice that tries to stop you. It might say, What will people say? What will people think? No one will support me. My friends/family will think I’m an idiot. IContinue reading “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway”

Do you journal?

When I was young I had a diary. Each entry always started with “Dear Diary…” You know it wasn’t until recently this memory from my childhood resurfaced and as I thought more about it I realised the power that diary had. As an adult I journal, not every day, sometimes not for weeks. But whenContinue reading “Do you journal?”

Showing up despite social anxiety

I’ve felt awkward in almost all situations I’ve been in my whole life. Like I don’t fit in, like I’m just not quite the same as the people I’m with, and that because of that I feel like people don’t quite like me. It’s a feeling possibly best described as misfiring, as in I’m presentContinue reading “Showing up despite social anxiety”

Leaving it until the last minute

On Friday night I was up until 2am finishing an assignment for uni that was due at midnight. I was frantically trying to get it done all the while kicking myself for not starting it until Wednesday.  What’s worse was it was a journal assignment. All I’d had to do was write 350 words onContinue reading “Leaving it until the last minute”